Exodus 4 - Maple / Black Richlite

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When Exodus Knife and Tool asked us to produce their purpose driven designs, we were so impressed with the performance that it became a collaboration. The first production run of Exodus 3 and Exodus 4 knives are now available on our Custom Shop page in limited quantities.

The Exodus 4 (aka the Jackalope by Exodus Knife and Tool) is a comfortable and compact knife expertly designed for bushcraft, dressing game, food prep, and more. Though smaller and easier to carry than some bushcraft knives, the design and materials make it far outperform its size and weight. The Exodus 4 makes a great primary belt knife and excels in camp or kitchen. Made of CPM S35VN super steel and features a custom Kydex sheath.

  • 3.5 oz. weight
  • 3.88" Blade Length
  • 8.5" Overall Length
  • .130" Blade Thickness
  • CPM S35VN Steel
  • Rc. 58-60 Hardness
  • Kydex

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