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Designed by Jason Tietz

Designed for heavy use in real survival situations these also make excellent camp, hunting, backpacking or utility knives. The deep finger choil protects fingers while applying pressure whittling, cutting or chopping. Atop the blade is a notch for efficient striking of a ferro rod and one is included with each knife. Features a polished stainless steel divot for use with a fire bow. This is a well-designed, great looking, and robust knife intended for serious work. The FC5 is outfitted with a Kydex sheath.

  • 8 oz. weight
  • 5" Blade Length
  • 10" Overall Length
  • .158" Blade Thickness
  • CPM S35VN Steel
  • Rc. 58-60 Hardness
  • Kydex Sheath
Covered by the White River Knives Lifetime Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with this knife, send it back for free repair or replacement no questions asked.

4 Reviews

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    Fire craft FC5

    Posted by Leonard C on Mar 11th 2024

    Great product, quality made in the USA, nice and spicy and robust. fast shipping and amazing customer service.

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    Best "all around" knife money can buy you + Made in America!

    Posted by Jonathan Huse on Dec 25th 2023

    I'm going to be completely honest and say that I went out shopping for an ESSE 5 or 7. The Gentleman who worked at a local Knife & Collectables store here in SoCal asked me if I was familiar with White River Knifes, as he had personally preferred the Fire Craft "FC" line over the ESSE. I am forever grateful for this encounter because the second he put that gorgeous FC7 in my hand I was sold! I held out on buying the 7 because I really wanted the 5, and I still have it today. The way this knife feels in your hand would just give you the feeling that you custom made it for yourself. The knife truly felt like it was made for me Anyone who has asked me if they can check out my FC5 knife has tried arguing this point for themselves and for why they should keep it. That first notch for your index finger lock you in securely like you had your finger inside of a trigger guard on your favorite pistol. The notch at the back of the grip lines up perfect with your pinky finger to give you added confidence when gripping the handle, I found this especially helpful when processing firewood where a jabbing or prying motion are required. The Micarta Canvas was absolutely 100% the right choice for this grip as opposed to a fancy looking exotic hardwood. The Micarta does a phenomenal job of absorbing the moisture in your hands from sweaty palms or that red stuff that leaks from the animal you just expired and are field dressing. Yes I said that and its 100% true; the S30V Steel used in the making of this knife is extremely resilient. It's roughly 1/8" broadly thick flat grind can handle some serious abuse and the modified drop point blade will let you chop, slice, baton wood and still be used to skin and dress an animal or clean your fish for you. I have also used my FC5 to help me dig holes to bury posts for tents. If you notice the notch on the spine of the blade; this is part of the brilliance in the design by Jason Tietz called a striker notch to allow you to strike the included ferro rod for Fire Crafting "FC", without dulling your blades edge, which is where many other knife makes have overlooked. Also for Fire Crafting is the bow divot you see in the handle and that is used to assist with the process of using a bow-drill (no longer have to wear a hole into your palm)! With a single knife, the FC5, It's not excessive in size making it an excellent choice for everyday carry, and this one knife has allowed me to: start fires, bushcraft to make shelter, process wood, process game, dig in hard packed dirt, whittle tools, prepare meals, self defense, and pry open your can of beans while fireside! It doesnt feel like your holding a brick in your hands like it does when you hold the ESSE 5 or ESSE 7. I was honestly skeptical about this knife at a bit higher price point being able to withstand the same abuse as people come to expect from the ESSE or K-Bar. I was so impressed with this knife that I took the time to write this long review, and I hate taking the atime to do these things haha, but it is a fine product, one that I am proud to own, one that I'm proud to support, one that I can proudly say is 100% sourced and MADE IN AMERICA, a lifetime knife that I intended to pass down to my Son and hopefully someday (Lord willing) my Grandson. You don't need to believe me or believe that I was not paid to boast about the quality and craftsmanship that comes from White River Knives, but know this; White River sent my knife in an awesome wooden box and inside that box was a hand written serial number with a 100% money back guarantee that you will be satisfied and it will stand up to its claims or they will replace your knife or refund your money! Now that is pride in your product and putting your money where your mouth is. I haven't had the pleasure of dealing with their Customer Service but I have heard wonderful things. They are a family owned and operated company. Customer Service is the original reason I came to the website before feeling the need to boast about this knife. I just could not believe there weren't hundreds of reviews here for shoppers/consumers to read?! Bad news is that I came on here to look up Customer Service because we suffered a fire in our home and my FC5 was part of my loss. I kid you not the blade is still in great shape, just the Micarta handle has burnt to a crisp with the layers of G10 behind it! Right next to where i found my FC5 there were quarters that had melted together, that's how hot the fire was and it didnt phase the blade! Wish me luck everyone because I'm going to see what they can do about having me send them the knife to put a new handle on it for me and for how much $$$. I was not fortunate enough to receive my knife with one of these amazing leather sheaths that everyone seems to rave about, I believe they were sold out at the time so I got the hard black sheath instead. Hopefully I can get a new leather one this time because the hard plastic one didn't compliment the knife well. It clicked in nice but the leather is the way to go! I hope this honest review will help some of you on the fence about making your choice in an all around "Forever Knife". Cheers, - A friend and fan of your craftsmanship from Southern California!

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    Best survival knife!

    Posted by Jonathon on Jun 28th 2023

    I bought this knife a couple years ago. It has become my daily user. Great steel, amazing edge retention, and a fantastic adition to any survival kit.

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    Firecraft FC5

    Posted by Joshua on Apr 3rd 2023

    Easily the best knife I've ever owned. I was worried it might chip, while batoning through large wood, it never has. I've thoroughly used and abused this knife, and it's never let me down. Just bought another for my wife.