Model 1

$120.00 - $175.00
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Our flagship knife and an excellent multi-purpose design. On the hunt or as an everyday carry, the Model 1 is just the right size for the job. The large high finger choil provides incredible control with plenty of power. The blade is made of tough and super sharp CPM S35VN Steel or can now be upgraded to the new CPM Magnacut steel (+$20). Includes a Kydex sheath.

Comes in 3 different versions:

M1 Backpacker - Paracord wrapped handle

  • 2.5 oz. weight

M1 Pro - Textured G10 bolt-on handle

  • 3.2 oz. weight

M1 Caper - Micarta handle with flared hollow pins

  • 3.2 oz. weight


  • 3" Blade Length
  • 7" Overall Length
  • .130" Blade Thickness
  • CPM S35VN Steel Rc. 58-60 Hardness OR CPM Magnacut Steel Rc. 62-64 Hardness
  • Kydex Sheath
Covered by the White River Knives Lifetime Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with this knife, send it back for free repair or replacement no questions asked.

29 Reviews

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    Buy It

    Posted by Jacob T on Feb 28th 2024

    This knife is amazing. The fit in hand is exactly what I hoped for. For anyone wondering like I was, the snap strap kit in the "accessories" tab will fit this sheath nicely. The kydex belt clip fits well too but I was looking for something with a smaller profile. Finally, the customer service at this small company has been accommodating and easy to work with.

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    M1 magnacut

    Posted by Aaron on Feb 22nd 2024

    The M1 is the best designed fixed blade i have ever encountered for everyday carry. The sheath needs a little fine-tuning.

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    Model 1 Pro

    Posted by Ross R on Feb 21st 2024

    I love this knife and the way it fits my hand, carries, and works. Field dressed 3 deer with my first one this fall and it was perfect. Easy knife to carry everyday. Great sheath and belt holder combination as well. Just ordered a second in the new Magnacut steel. Guess that should tell you how much I like the first one.

  • 5
    Amazing Knife

    Posted by Matt V. on Jan 19th 2024

    Great EDC fixed blade knife. Natural Burlap Micarta feels great in the hand. Fit/finish are out of this world! Would highly recommend and will purchase knives from White River Knives again.

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    Another Winner From White River

    Posted by Keith on Jan 16th 2024

    This is my third knife from White River Knives, I also have the Small Game and Ursus 45. The knife comes packaged well and is one of the sharpest out of the box I’ve experienced from any manufacturer. The sheath works well although the provided belt loop I swapped for a pull the dot loop for easy on and off. The knife itself fits very well in the hand has a blade shape that so far has worked very well, I am yet to use it on a game animal. I cannot say enough about how much I like this knife. I would highly recommend this product.

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    Model 1

    Posted by Hoss on Jan 9th 2024

    Better than I expected, and I expected much. This is now my EDC appendix carry knife. Great work!!!

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    how great the m1 backer is

    Posted by Jacob on Dec 22nd 2023

    I have hade my m1 backpacker for a couple of months but it quicky became my favorite. best knife i have so far and without doubt will not be my last white river knife.

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    Model 1

    Posted by Elliott on Dec 4th 2023

    This little blade has quickly become my favorite. A great edc. It feels great in the hand. I barely notice it on my hip as well. The edge retention is really nice too. I still haven’t had to sharpen it. I’m very pleased with the purchase, and I will be getting other White River knives. Strongly recommend this knife.

  • 5

    Posted by Brete on Nov 18th 2023

    Excellent small knife Top notch quality Fantastic feel in hand Needed something to carry on belt while working on my farm. This little gem is a winner and I anticipate it will be a workhorse for years to come.

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    Model 1 pro

    Posted by FRANK on Nov 14th 2023

    Just received M 1 pro with G-10 handle. This is not a long-term review, but just first impressions, the knife feels really good in my hand and the sheath has good retention. The knife that I received came extremely sharp. Quality, attention to detail and a well thought out knife.

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    M1 Caper

    Posted by Fueled Iowa on Oct 25th 2023

    I have Dozens of small USA made fixed blades. From some of the best knife companies. White river has the best fit and finish and is the standard I juge against for all others. The M1 caper has been my everyday neck knife for almost 2 years now. the s35vn takes a crazy sharp edge and holds it well. I have never had it chip. I have used this knife for so many tasks. From kitchen prep (It is so slicey ) to farm work to in the shop, a wonderful must have camping companion and I would have no problem tackling a white tale or cape small game. The grip looks like it should be small because it is, However the way it fits my hand it hold like a much larger handle. The security and confidence is 2nd to none! I have bought or held almost every competitor knife to the M1 caper and all fall short. It is truly amazing how well this knife works. There is one knife that is better but doesn't conceal as well. But that is made by White river as well. LOL

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    She made me do it

    Posted by Jsibs on Oct 23rd 2023

    I wasn’t going to write a review. I thoroughly enjoy my knife too. I have larger hands and it fits great. It’s a great prep and campfire cooking knife. Never leaves my side. I wasn’t gonna do it, then she had to compliment on my knife. I didn’t tell her I bought it and a woman who has never not commented on a bottle of whiskey, a watch, or a knife I have brought to this relationship says wow, thats a good looking knife. Does anyone need to know anything else? I bought the green and orange G10 scales. I wanted the micarta but I was originally wanting a sub $100 so I saved some dough with this choice. Could not be happier.

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    Model 1 fixed blade

    Posted by Jim wages on Oct 9th 2023

    Very comfortable in the hand. Recently cleaned a whitetail deer my wife had taken with her bow, I cut a 20degree edge on it when I got home from purchase. It stayed sharp and the textured handle never got slippery while cleaning the deer. 2thumbs up!

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    My best knife

    Posted by Dave K on Oct 5th 2023

    I own several folders and fixed blades. The M1 Pro with G10 scales is by far the best. Just the right blade length and perfect handle that can be carried EDC. I wear it horizontal on my belt just beside my belt buck in the front of my pants. Very easy to conceal. Very comfortable sitting or standing. I also love the stone wash finish. It came very sharp with a perfect edge. No need to touch up the blade.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark on Sep 21st 2023

    It’s a great little knife for edc. I can’t wait to put it to work on the first deer of the season.

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    M1 caper

    Posted by Brian on Sep 12th 2023

    Incredible blade! This knife is my all time favorite knife to carry on hunts. Perfect size for field dressing. Yet sharp enough to skin out 3 deer. Incredible quality!

  • 5

    Posted by thewellington on Sep 11th 2023

    This knife is compact yet so so capable. I am impressed by the quality of this knife every time I pull it out for use. I will be sending both of my daughters into the Canadian wilderness for six weeks next summer. This is the knife they will both have on their belts.

  • 5
    Model 1 pro

    Posted by Douglas J.Kroeck on Sep 7th 2023

    Bought this knife for edc and also to carry on my backpack strap for my out west great..terrific knife!!

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    Awesome knife

    Posted by Brdhntr on Aug 30th 2023

    Super high quality, as expected. Scary sharp. All the great internet reviews are true. Very pleased.

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    Great knives

    Posted by Travis Barnett on Aug 28th 2023

    These knives are awesome, they look great ,have a good weight and very sharp. The sheath is nice also locks the blade in tight,I originally bought three knives as gifts they arrived and seen them and ordered two more.

  • 5
    Backpacker Pro

    Posted by Mike on Aug 28th 2023

    It is amazing how well this small knife is made. For its size, the M1 fits the hand incredibly well. I have bought additional scales for it and plan to buy another White River knife in the future.

  • 5
    love the quality

    Posted by Jack on Aug 8th 2023

    I really love all the knives ( designs ) that WRK produce especially the M1 this small blade does actually punch way above its weight so useful for all cutting chores great hand control and above all excellent blade steel a pleasure to sharpen super easy to maintain. Awesome work thank you all at White River Knives.

  • 5
    Great knife

    Posted by Blake andrews on Aug 1st 2023

    The m1 is better than I expected. I would suggest this knife to any hunter or outdoorsman.

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    M1 Backpacker Pro

    Posted by Chuck on Jul 27th 2023

    Superb knife, the build quality is top notch. A must have knife.

  • 5

    Posted by Roger on Jul 23rd 2023

    When I heard the question: "If you could have one EDC Blade for the rest of your life, what would you choose?" I thought about that for a couple of months. I searched a bunch of folders and built a list to compare them all in. But I never ordered any of them, because I'm more of a fixed blade kind of guy. Then I researched small fixed blades. "Pocket" fixed blades. One from Bradford was a close contender. But It's larger and heavier, therefore less of an EDC knife. I ordered this Caper, and am I ever glad that I did. It fits my average sized hands perfectly. Small and light enough to forget that you have it with you. (A lady could drop this in her purse and forget it's there.) Large enough to handle most anything you need a blade for. Of all the couches, I'm glad I chose the Caper. Perfect for "everyday". A little more expensive?, yes. But you only get buyers remorse once. Then you have the rest of your life to appreciate the quality. I don't ever plan on being without it. Thank you White River for this bit of fully functional EDC art!

  • 5

    Posted by RogerV on May 24th 2023

    Yes, you do need one!

  • 5
    M1 Caper Burlap Micarta

    Posted by Roger on May 11th 2023

    I love this design. Small, light, and comfortable EDC. This was my answer to the question of; if you could only have one knife for everyday use the rest of your life. Fit and finish are superb, as I guess all White River products are. Expensive?, yes. But worth every penny. When I am long gone, this will be passed down through the family.

  • 5
    EDC excellence

    Posted by Michael on Apr 25th 2023

    I have the M1 Backpacker pro. This little knife is simply awesome for an every day utility cutter. When you grip it with your thumb on the spine, it feels like a natural extension of your hand. It's a really great option to try if you want to replace an EDC folder with a small fixed blade. I like it scout carry and around the neck sometimes.

  • 5
    M1 BP Pro with G10 is ?

    Posted by Scott Capps on Mar 18th 2023

    This may be my favorite fixed blade knife of all! Very high quality and it feels like it’s part of your hand. I love this knife, goes with me everywhere!